"If you take any activity, any art, any discipline, any skill, take it and push it as far as it will go, push it beyond where it has ever been before, push it to the wildest edge of edges, then you force it into the realm of magic."

— Tom Robbins

"I have participated in several Artists' Retreats with Anna Rhodes and they have all been terrific!I am not an artist (an accountant in fact) so getting past my fear of “Art” in general was the first hurdle..." More

"I have participated in several Artists' Retreats with Anna Rhodes and they have all been terrific! I am not an artist (an accountant in fact) so getting past my fear of “Art” in general was the first hurdle. An Artist Retreat provides a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to be creative and not afraid, or more important, embarrassed by what might emerge on the canvas. Anna's one on one instruction is abundant and led me to complete several pieces that now hang in my home when on my own they would never have become Art. An Artist Retreat is held in beautiful locations with plenty of inspiration to create as well as activities to ensure a fun trip. Introductions to accomplished artists, private studio tours, and gallery openings are only some of the extras that are provided. Anna makes sure that everything from the travel arrangements to the food, and closet hangers are taken care of. The art supplies are the highest quality and in ample quantities to really try many new mediums and techniques. When my only goal was to “be able to mix a color other than brown,” I have come a long way in a short time and have had so much fun along the way!" Hide

— D. Olivier, Certified Public Accountant


I wish to share with you an array of art related web-sites,articles, announcements, resources, courses, books and writings that I hope you will find inspirational and useful. New information will be added regularly. Please return often.

Two websites that are works of art:

Navigating the Imagination: Retrospective of the work of Joseph Cornell

American artist Joseph Cornell (1903–1972) has been celebrated internationally for his boxes, collages, and films since the 1930s. His mining of far-flung ideas and traditions and elegant integration of woodworking, painting, papering, and drawing define the innovation and visual poetry associated with his work. Although Cornell’s exploration of art, culture, and science was highly personal, even spiritual, his goal as an artist was to inspire others to pursue uplifting voyages into the imagination.

Ashes and Snow: Gregory Colbert's sixteen year personal and artistic odyssey

The Mexico City opening will mark the fifth installation of Ashes and Snow, Gregory Colbert's sixteen-year personal and artistic odyssey. The exhibition will be shown at the Nomadic Museum, in the historic Zócalo, from 19 January through 27 April 2008. Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, film, art installations and a novel in letters. The exhibition consists of more than 50 large-scale photographic artworks, a 60-minute feature film and two short film haikus. To date, more than a million and a half people around the world have visited the exhibition.

Featured Artists:

Alex Kanevsky
Born in Lithuania and is a Philadelphia based painter who teaches at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He shows at J. Cacciola Gallery and Dolby Chadwick Gallery, and in Milan, Italy at the Barbara Frigerio Gallery.
Interview with Alex Kanevsky

Featured Exhibitions:

The Barnes Foundation: Philadelphia

New location for one of the world's leading collections of French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings The Barnes Collection featuring 181 Renoirs, 69 Cézannes and 59 Matisses, along with works by Manet, Degas, Seurat, Prendergrast, Titian and Picasso.

17 Unmissable Exhibitions for 2017:

Time Out Paris From Vermeer to Picasso, from the Grand Palais to the Palais de Tokyo, here are 17 cultural events to get you excited for the next 365 days ahead.

A Nationwide Guide to Art Exhibitions this Spring

Art Exhibitions Around the World 2017

Discover current and future art exhibitions from around the world

Grand Art Exhibitions You Have to See in 2017

Interviews with Anna Rhodes:

"Uncovering the Inner Artist in Carmel"

805 Living Magazine: Arts and Culture
October 2015

Anna Rhodes' Interview "Painting the Light" on NPR KPLU
NPR News and All That Jazz

NPR News and All That Jazz KPLU Radio's Artscape. If you miss this on the radio, you can hear the interview and see images by clicking here: * It will be on the front page of Artscape for one week and then in their archives. to listen on line and see photos

Featured Inspiration:


Hailed as "one of the great artists of our time" (The Washington Times), choreographer, director, dancer, painter, and designer Shen Wei is internationally renowned for the breadth and scope of his artistic vision. One of the premier international dance companies, Shen Wei Dance Arts has won worldwide acclaim for "amassing a body of works so strikingly original they defy categorization" (The Boston Globe). The work Shen Wei makes for his Company draws on influences as varied as traditional Chinese culture and arts, European Surrealism, American high modernism, and the ritual power of ancient drama. Transcending East and West, Shen Wei Dance Arts fuses these disparate forms to forge a startling new hybrid form of dance. The Company's dances reflect the compositional rigor of Shen Wei the visual artist, dancer, and choreographer—incorporating vivid colors, striking design, and imaginative use of space into theatrical, kinetic paintings.

Recommended Resources:

All the Strange Hours:

A weblog about drawing, painting, art history, color, art materials and methods, and other topics related to visual art.


The daily digest of arts, culture and ideas. Daily arts news from 100 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.

24 Hour Museum:

An extensive guide to museums, galleries, exhibitions, and art-related news, services and videos.

This is a list of exceptionally gifted Artists/Photographers/Designers:

Xenia Hausner

Berlin artist Xenia Hausner, captures the spirit of our time and the soul of her generation in her dramatic expressionist works.

Rita Natarova

A New York City artist, born in Moscow Russia, she has been internationally recognized for her extraordinary talent and provocative paintings.

Juliette Aristides

A gifted, passionate, intellectually stimulating artist who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art.

Nora Johnson

An exquisitely accomplished and prolific artist, Nora is a painter and sculptor with a special love for surface and texture. She is the master of painted effects.

Design Hovie Studios:

International graphic and web-design firm directed by Hovie Hawk. The studio works with small and large companies from around the world, reinforcing their client's brand image while displaying a sense of quality and innovation.

Ellen Silverman Photography

A New York City based photographer specializing in food, still life, interior and fine art photography. Her exquisite taste is infused in every detail.

Rosanne Olson Photography

A fine arts and commercial photographer, she has released her stunning new book "This Is Who I Am". "This is an absolutely wonderful book. Every woman needs to see it! It has made me feel inspired, exhilerated, normal and beautiful!" - Kate Winslet

Nancy Medwell Photography

Specializing in the fine art of black and white portraiture, Nancy Medwell creates extraordinary images that document deep and lasting connections. Her book, Eternal Moments, will be released this summer and can be purchased through her web-site and Amazon.

Rebecca Sullivan

A Seattle based photographer, specializing in fine art photography, portraits, travel, documentaries and advertising, Rebecca captures that unique spirit and essence that brings a photograph to life.

Bradbury Branding & Design
Carol Bradbury Fine Art

A multi-talented artist and designer, Carol's rich, provocative paintings, create universes full of life and meaning. Her innovative community-based projects transform the mundane into potent reflections, transforming how we see ourselves, our communities and others.

Iskra Johnson
Iskra Fine Art

Calligrapher Iskra Johnson makes her mark in both fine art and design. Working across many media, her work seeks the transformative metaphor in subjects ranging from the natural world to the disruptive narrative of the street. In her award-winning design practice she channels the voices of popular culture through expressive letterforms, specializing in custom typography for publishing, packaging and advertising clients worldwide. She is regarded by galleries and patrons as an extraordinary artist.

Claire Steele

An English writer, author and professor, is the creator and instructor of writing retreats, "Magical Journeys," offered in enchanting places under the sun. Follow her blog for creative writing prompts, book reviews, thoughts on the Booker longlist, writing, news on creative writing retreats.

Christine Gustafson, InnLight Marketing

Christine Gustafson is a business-building consultant, publicist, award-winning journalist, website designer, photographer and workshop facilitator. Since 1998, InnLight Marketing is a personal, convenient and affordable marketing and publicity service that is dedicated to helping owner operated small businesses maximize their distinctive potential and profitability. Specializing in website design, photography, Internet marketing, graphic design and comprehensive business building strategies.

Recommended Books:

Can be purchased/ordered at local bookstores or

Classical Drawing Atelier: a contemporary guide to traditional studio practice by Juliette Aristedes

This is a serious art course for serious art students.

Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland

This book explores the way art gets made, the reasons it often doesn’t get made and the nature of the difficulties that cause so many artists to give up along the way.

Heart Matters: The art of Xenia Hausner

This beautiful book expresses the philosophy of the artist and describes the essence of her subject matter. It is also a superb collection of her radiant work.

This Is Who I Am: our beauty in all shapes and sizes by Rosanne Olson

*see recommended artists list

Recommended Music:

Most can be purchased on

Everything played by Byron Schenkman, Harpsichordist and Pianist

*Contact Centaur Records or Amazon

Officium: Jan Garbarek/ The Hilliard Ensemble

Aria Metamorphosis created by Paul Schwartz

Gracias a la Vida: sung by Mercedes Sosa

Georgia O’Keeffe: A Musical Perspective

*Can be purchased at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum

The Prayer Cycle by Jonathan Elias

Ashes and Snow:

The 60-minute musical composition for the feature film, Ashes and Snow. The musical collaborators include Michael Brook, David Darling, Heiner Goebbels, Lisa Gerrard, Lukas Foss, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Djivan Gasparyan. The grey CD covers are handmade in Nepal and sealed with natural beeswax.
*Can be purchased on Ashes and Snow web-site.

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